Moon Landing Conspiracy Shadows

Conspiracists have managed to sustain public interest in their theories for more than 40 years, despite the rebuttals and third-party evidence. Opinion polls taken in various locations have shown that between 6% and 20% of Americans and 28% of Russians surveyed believe that the manned landings were faked. Even as late as 2001, the Fox television network documentary Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? [6] claimed NASA faked the first landing in 1969 to win the Space Race. [7]

After Kaysing, Moon-landing conspiracists include (in alphabetical order):

Those who believe the Moon landings were faked give several theories about the motives of NASA and the United States government. The three main theories are below.

Motivation for the United States to engage the Soviet Union in a Space Race can be traced to the then on-going Cold War. Landing on the Moon was viewed as a national and technological accomplishment that would generate world-wide acclaim. But going to the Moon would be risky and expensive, as exemplified by President John F. Kennedy famously stating in a 1962 speech that the United States chose to go because it was hard. [59]

Also, there was nothing "abrupt" about the Apollo cancelations , which were announced in January and September 1970 for cost-cutting reasons. [67] (See Vietnam War below.)

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